Inter-laboratory tests

Every year, Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories participate in numerous inter-laboratory tests (ILT) which form an integral part of its quality policy.

ILT are official tests of our competence and abilities. The results we determine for "unknown" samples are compared with a reference value determined by national bodies such as the IRSN in France. The parameters measured by these inter-laboratory tests are artificial radionuclides, beta and gamma emitters, pure alpha and beta emitters, and radionuclides of natural chains of uranium and thorium.

Validation and qualification of our analysis protocols

Inter-laboratory tests (ILT) let us validate our analysis methods, the accuracy of our calculations and the uncertainty associated with the results. So that we can satisfy the requirements of our international clients, we frequently participate in exercises organised by the national institutes of Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc.
These ILT samples, introduced anonymously into our client's batches of samples, also give us a regular opportunity to confirm the competence of our personnel.

Earning accreditation

Participating in official inter-laboratory comparison exercises and determining satisfactory results are two essential prerequisites for earning accreditation from the French nuclear safety authority, from the French Ministry of Health and/or from Cofrac.