Accreditations from the French Ministry of Health

To satisfy the regulatory requirements for the quality of water intended for human consumption, many authorities have placed their trust in Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories.

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are located in France and have accreditation from the French Ministry of Health to conduct all the radioactivity analyses stipulated in Council Directive 2013/51/Euratom of 22 October 2013.

These accreditations are an essential prerequisite in France for measuring 19 different radioactive parameters. This accreditation certifies that the health authorities have confidence in the competence and abilities of Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories in this highly sensitive field.

The French regulations regarding radioactivity levels in drinking water are considered to be amongst the most demanding in the world. They are often cited internationally as benchmark regulations, and we are very proud of this recognition from the French health authorities.

Countries such as Spain, Portugal, etc. have also recognised our capabilities. 


Guaranteed technical competence

In order to qualify for these accreditations, the laboratory must participate in at least one inter-laboratory test during the accreditation period. 
Eurofins Eichrom very regularly participates in independently-organised inter-laboratory tests that prove that the results determined in accordance with our protocols are reliable and accurate. These inter-laboratory tests are organised by official organisations recognised in their field, such as the French institute for radiological protection and nuclear safety(IRSN) and also by similar institutes that operate internationally.

As a result of testing more than 4,000 drinking water samples per year on average, Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories have a great deal of experience in this work.

The guarantee of an effective quality system

In France, unless a Ministry of Health-accredited analysis is also accredited by COFRAC then this analysis cannot be performed.
Eurofins Eichrom's practices conform with the organisational and technical requirements stipulated in international standard ISO 17025. Since Eurofins Eichrom is COFRAC-accredited all its management procedures and technical operating procedures comply with standard ISO 17025. 
The accreditations from the Ministry of Health validate the organisation and resources implemented by Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories to guarantee the quality of our measurements and the client's confidence in the results.

Detailed list of accreditations from the French Ministry of Health

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are currently accredited to perform all the analyses required by water quality regulations.

Download the list of French Ministry of Health accreditations.