Since starting business in the autumn of 2003, Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories have operated a quality management system that meets the requirements of standard ISO/IEC17025 and of those of COFRAC (the French accreditation body). COFRAC is a member of ILAC, which ensures that its accreditations are recognised internationally.

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratoires can now analyse 25 COFRAC-accredited parameters in 21 types of samples. Moreover, all our numerous other Eurofins Eichrom radiological analysis protocols, which are not yet Cofrac-accredited and which are used for the benefit of our clients, have been validated using the same quality system, which thus guarantees the same degree of reliability.

Frequent audits

Third parties audit Eurofins Eichrom's working practices and the quality of its services 3 to 4 times a year on average:

  • Quality and technical experts from COFRAC: every 18 months as a minimum, to check that our quality system still delivers reliable results, and to extend the validity of our accreditations;
  • Recognised experts, appointed by ourselves to conduct comprehensive internal audits, give us an external and critical opinion of the operation of our laboratories;
  • Our clients which, very regularly, conduct complete inspections in the context of their own regulatory audits.
An evolving service, informed by you

We systematically carry out a detailled review of what our clients are requesting, and of what we are offering.

In addition to communicating via email, we understand the importance of one-to-one relationships with our clients, both by telephone or via video-conferences. Regular communication ensures that we satisfy your requirements, wherever you are in the world.

To continually move our business forwards, we are very attentive to client feedback, be it positive or regarding areas in which we can improve. We'd welcome your feedback too, which you can pass on by completing our Satisfaction survey.

Experienced personnel

Eurofins Eichrom's technical personnel have more than 50 years of experience in measuring radioactivity, and possess all the competence and knowledge needed to satisfy your requirements.

Every Eurofins Eichrom technician receives training in our specific methods, and their competency is regularly reviewed, notably through our participation in inter-laboratory tests and during technical training. This qualification policy ensures that the skills of any one employee are shared by a number of others, so that we can offer a seamless delivery of high quality services.

Implementation of Eurofins Eichrom protocols

Most of the radioactivity measurements performed by Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories involve the use of Eurofins Eichrom resins - chromatographic extraction resins developed by Professor E. Philip Horwitz. These resins separate and isolate the radioactive elements under investigation (plutonium, nickel, strontium, etc.), an essential step prior to their determination, and allows the elements to be detected even when these are present at trace levels in the matrix (water, soil, plants, etc.).

These protocols are now recognised internationally by the leading institutes and agencies such as the IRSNEDF, the IAEA (based in Austria), the EPA (USA),the NPL (United Kingdom), KAERI and KINS (Korea)….. These protocols are also mentioned often in the official standards AFNOR (France), DIN (Germany), ISO(International) and are referred to by the working groups concerned with radioactivity measurement.

Sample traceability

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories maintains a database to ensure test traceability from sample reception through to issuing the test report.
A numbered batch is created in this LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for each order. A unique number is attributed to each sample in this batch. Consequently, since each sample is identified uniquely it can be traced within the laboratory.

Confidentiality of the results

COFRAC accreditation demands a duty of confidentiality, which Eurofins Eichrom delivers through the use of LIMS, which anonymises each sample present in the laboratory. Eurofins Eichrom goes further: every member of staff is required to comply with a set of confidentiality and security restrictions.

Detailed list of Eurofins Eichrom's COFRAC accreditations

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are currently accredited for nine programmes by COFRAC, which has signed a test report recognition agreement with its equivalent European and international organisations, in accordance with the charters drawn up by the EA and ILAC. Consequently, Eurofins Eichrom now has official, world-wide recognition for the work it conducts, which facilitates its work with its international partners.


Download the list of accreditations for Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories.