Authorizations from the French Nuclear Safety Authority

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are approved by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) for the measurement of radioactivity in the environment.

In addition to the value of this recognition from the ASN, these authorizations authenticate the Laboratories' technical competence and the effectiveness of its quality management system.

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratoires can now analyse more than 45 parameters in a broad range of samples.

Guaranteed technical competence

Eurofins Eichrom very regularly participates in independently-organized inter-laboratory tests that prove that the results of the analyses performed in accordance with our protocols and methods are reliable and accurate. These inter-laboratory tests are organized by official organizations recognized in their field, such as the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) and also by similar institutes that operate internationally.

The guarantee of an effective quality system

Eurofins Eichrom's practices conform with the organisational and technical requirements stipulated in international standard ISO 17025. Since Eurofins Eichrom is COFRAC-accredited in accordance with ISO 17025, all its management procedures and technical operating procedures comply with this standard. Authorizations from the French Nuclear Safety Authority validate the organisation and resources implemented by Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories to ensure the quality of the measurements and to provide optimal confidence in the results.

Detailed list of ASN Authorizations

Eurofins Eichrom is approved by the French Nuclear Safety Authority on 46 measurements. These authorizations are published and periodically updated on the ASN website.


Download the list of ASN accreditations (as of 01/01/2015).