Eurofins Eichrom Smart® solution

You must manage a remediation site and you need flexibility and immediate response for radioactivity analyzes with an advanced base.

You do not have a radioactivity measurement facility and shipping your samples to our analytical platform in Bruz (35) does not fully meet your specifications.

The Eurofins Eichrom Smart® solution fullfills your needs.

In partnership with CEA, Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories have developed a tailor-made service by the provision of fully equipped mobile laboratories operated by trained and experienced Eichrom personnel.

Eurofins Eichrom Smart® mobile laboratories

Developed and tested on remediation sites by the CEA, the Eurofins Eichrom Smart® mobile laboratories are designed to be deployed on all types of sites. Indeed, these laboratories, built in 40-foot (12 m long) containers, can be transported by road, sea and air, to meet all your needs.

Eurofins Eichrom Smart® allows you to enjoy on your sites a real condensed Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories with all stages of sample preparation, radiochemical separations and radioactivity measurements. This is an advanced base of our analytical platform Eichrom based in Bruz (35), we provide you with.

Operated by our qualified and experienced staff, applying your own analysis protocols or ours, Eurofins Eichrom Smart® is rigged to handle a large number of samples requiring gamma or alpha spectrometry, liquid scintillation guaranteeing you a great flexibility in respect of high quality.

Versatile, the Eurofins Eichrom Smart® solution is suitable for both decommissioning and remediation of sites, radio-ecological monitoring, as well as emergency and post-accident responses giving you high efficiency.

By outsourcing the laboratory function to a competent partner, this solution provides you great peace to manage your projects and allows you to have a better view of your costs, without compromising on quality.

Operated by Eurofins Eurofins Eichrom radiochemists

Because a good tool requires good workers, the Eurofins Eichrom Smart® solution combines a mobile laboratory equipped with advanced technology with a team of experienced and qualified radiochemists.

Indeed, the quality of Eurofins Eichrom teams entitles you to:

  • The know-how and expertise acquired over the last 10 years on over 80,000 samples processed by our teams on matrices and varied areas (Decommissioning/Dismantling, radio-ecological follow-up, monitoring of nuclear waste, environmental studies, ...),

  • The quality and experience of our employees trained and qualified according to our high levels of internal Eurofins Eichrom requirements and enjoying our feedback experience obtained on over 400,000 different analyzes.

  • guarantee of quality, with staff working daily in a COFRAC environment (ISO 17025), controlling a large number of Eurofins Eichrom protocols, including 25 accredited by COFRAC .

  • Safety with back-up provided by our complete analytical platform, based in Bruz (France), to compensate for any unexpected event whether it is a need for additional staff, samples to be processed or extensive expertise requirement.