Analytical testing of the radioactivity of food

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are accredited by COFRAC, the French accreditation body (a member of ILAC), and satisfy the requirements specified in standard ISO 17025,  with regard to measuring the radioactivity contained in all types of food.

To reassure your consumers and clients regarding possible radiological risks, such as in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident (Japan), the Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories, experts in measuring radioactivity, offer a specific service for analysing the radioactivity of food products: the Agro Pack.

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories expertise, combined with its COFRAC-accredited analysis protocols allow you to deliver a certificate of non-radioactivity for food in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Are you?

  • An agribusiness player
  • An importer/exporter
  • A veterinary laboratory

Do you need to?

  • Carry out checks on your production process
  • Test imported food, notably from Eastern Europe and Japan, in addition to pre-shipping measurements
  • Export food products to countries that require certificates of non-contamination, such as the Russian Federation
The Agro Pack

The "Agro Pack" has been developed specially for the measurement of the radioactivity contained in foods:

Type of food Radioactivity analyses
Meat, meat-based products
(paté, cured or preserved meats, etc.)
Fish, seafood
Milk, milk powder, dairy produce
(ice cream, yoghurt, etc.)
Fruit and vegetables
Gamma emitters: 134/137Cs, 60Co
Beta emitters: 90Sr
Alpha emitters: 238/239+240Pu, 241Am, …
An all-in-one service

Eurofins Eichrom's Agro Pack is an all-in-one service which includes:

  1. Handling the transfer of your samples to our laboratories, on request
  2. Processing and preparing your samples once they have arrived in our laboratories
  3. Implementing Eurofins Eichrom's specific radiological analysis protocols: Cesium-134/137 (by gamma spectrometry), Strontium 90 (by liquid scintillation counting), measurements of gross alpha/gross beta radiation, alpha spectrometry measurements, etc.
  4. Very high detection sensitivity limits in accordance with the regulatory requirements
  5. Forwarding the results within very short lead-times, in a format compatible with importing the information into a database
  6. Delivering a certificate of non-radioactivity, on request.
Clients served

Below are some examples of the clients who have placed their trust in Eichrom Laboratories:

  • Lactalis testing dairy produce prior to export (butter, cream, milk)
  • Danone, urgent radioactivity analyses on fresh Japanese dairy produce in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident
  • Nestlé Waters testing its bottled water and process water
  • The IRSN asked us to perform measurements following the transit across Europe of the radioactive plume produced by the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The work involved monitoring the impact on French agricultural land.
  • More references and client endorsements

Do you have a particular interest in food hygiene and the radiological safety of your food products? If so, and you are looking to work with an experienced, high-quality laboratory, then please get in touch so that we can develop with you a suitable technical proposal and pricing structure. Contact us!