Analytical testing of the radioactivity in water intended for human consumption

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are accredited by COFRAC, the French accreditation body (a member of ILAC), and satisfy the requirements specified in standard ISO 17025 with regard to measuring the radioactivity contained in drinking water, with a view to ensuring compliance with water quality regulations.

Are you?

  • A water industry regulator
  • A local authority looking to develop a new water abstraction system
  • An analysis laboratory

Do you need to?

  • Check a water supply
  • Measure the radioactivity of a planned abstraction point
  • Determine precisely the radioactivity in a water source, and detect any contamination

Many international regulations require measurement of the radioactivity and of the radon in drinking water.

All our regulatory analyses have COFRAC accreditation.

Our analysis packs

Eurofins Eichrom has invested in all the technical and human resources needed to perform the radioactivity analyses stipulated in the regulations. For example - in order to satisfy the requirements of European Council Directive 2013/51/Euratom of 22 October 2013, which is currently one of the strictest regulations, the water analysis strategy implemented by Eurofins Eichrom is as follows:

An all-in-one service

Eurofins Eichrom offers a comprehensive drinking water analysis service which includes:

  1. Processing and preparing your samples
  2. Implementing Eurofins Eichrom protocols developed for radiological analyses and based on the use of alpha spectrometry, gamma spectrometry, liquid scintillation counting or GC
  3. Very high detection sensitivity limits in accordance with the regulatory requirements
  4. Delivering your results quickly, or even urgently
  5. Managing the shipping of your samples, on request
  6. All the analyses are accredited by COFRAC : this official recognition provides a guarantee of the quality of Eurofins Eichrom's technical performance, and confirms that its quality system complies with standard ISO 17025.


Clients served
  • Below are some examples of the clients who have placed their trust in Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories:

    • Following the Fukushima nuclear accident (Japan), Eurofins Eichrom was recommended by the French Ministry of Health to monitor any atmospheric fall-out (measurements of iodine and cesium) into lakes and reservoirs that supply drinking water
    • The city of Lisbon (Portugal) chose Eurofins Eichrom to monitor its water supplies. This client's decision was primarily based on Eurofins Eichrom's international reputation for high quality and expertise.
    • In France, LERES the analysis laboratory for the French graduate school of public health (EHESP), which trains public health engineers. For more than 10 years, LERES has sent large numbers of water samples to us on a daily basis for regulatory analyses.
    • Many other clients with responsibilities for water monitoring have chosen Eurofins Eichrom; such as water producers in Spain, Israel, etc.
    • More references and client endorsements


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