Analytical testing of radioactivity in waste samples taken during decommissioning and dismantling (D&D)

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories are accredited by Cofrac, the French accreditation body and member of ILAC, and satisfy the requirements specified in standard ISO 17025 with regard to analytical testing services that enable the D&D of nuclear sites, the cleaning up of industrial sites and waste management.

In addition to measuring levels of radioactivity, Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories test for the presence of chemical compounds and asbestos in radioactive or potentially radioactive samples.

Qualified personnel use sophisticated, high-tech equipment to perform an array of analytical testing services that satisfy the various applicable requirements - regulatory, safety and the protection of personnel and the environment.

Are you?

  • An operator of a nuclear site
  • A specialist in D&D and cleaning up
  • A company responsible for radiation protection

Do you need to?

  • Conduct a site inventory before work can start
  • Measure the contamination/decontamination of materials or soils
  • Perform final checks to determine the appropriate disposal route for the waste
A comprehensive range of analyses

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories' investment in a comprehensive array of analytical equipment allows it to offer services tailored to the client's specific requirements for the analysis of radioactivity.

Matrix Analyses
Concrete - Earth - Rubble
Technological materials
Alpha emitters: Pu, U, Am, Cm, Np
Beta emitters: 3H, 14C, 241Pu, 90Sr, 90Y, 99Tc, 63Ni, 55Fe, 36Cl
Gamma emitters: 137Cs, 134Cs, 60Co, 226Ra, 228Ra, 106Ru, 106Rh
An all-in-one service

Eurofins Eichrom's analytical testing services include not only the measurement of levels of radioactivity, but also:

  1. Processing and preparing your samples using methods appropriate to the matrix received
  2. Implementing Eurofins Eichrom protocols developed for radiological analyses and based on the use of alpha spectrometry, gamma spectrometry, liquid scintillation counting…
  3. Very high detection sensitivity levels to enable you to identify the appropriate disposal route for nuclear waste
  4. Delivering your results quickly, or even urgently to satisfy the imperatives of the project
  5. Managing the shipping of your samples, on request
  6. A multitude of COFRAC-accredited analyses: this official recognition provides a guarantee of the quality of Eurofins Eichrom's technical performance, and confirms that its quality system complies with standard ISO 17025


Clients served

Below are some examples of the clients who have placed their trust in Eichrom Laboratories:

  • CEA (French alternative energies and atomic energy commission). We work on a very regular basis for the CEA, following our own radiochemical protocols to measure values in soil and concrete samples, with a view to ensuring that the cleaning-up operations on their various sites proceed smoothly.
  • EDF CIDEN is the engineering division of EDF that specialises in the D&D of nuclear power plants. It chose Eichrom to be its partner laboratory with responsibility for measuring radioactivity levels in complex D&D samples (metals, concrete, etc.) with a view to determining the appropriate waste disposal route.
  • More references and client endorsements

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