Chemical analysis of environmental matrices

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories perform chemical analyses on environmental and radioactive samples (very low activity/low activity). This service, combined with radiological analysis, ensures your compliance with the European and international regulations governing environmental impact monitoring in the nuclear industries.


Are you?

  • A player in the nuclear industry
  • A design office
  • An environmental laboratory
  • An authority

Do you need to?

  • Perform environmental monitoring of a nuclear site
  • Determine a zero-point prior to creating a new facility
  • Conduct a radioecological study of a site
  • Decontaminate soil
A comprehensive range of analyses

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories have set up a complete analytical facility equipped with the technical and human resources it needs to perform the analyses specified in the regulations for chemical compounds.

Matrix Analyses
Soils - Sludges - Sand - Sediments
Plants - Fruits & vegetables
Seawater - Ground water - Effluent
Potential pollutant test, TOC, toxic chemicals, metals, hydrocarbons, PCB, BTEX, PAH, HVOC, pesticides, nitrates/nitrites, BOD, SS
An all-in-one service

Some of the key features of Eurofins Eichrom's comprehensive chemical analysis of environmental matrices service are:

  1. Processing and preparing your samples using methods appropriate to the matrix received (water, soil, effluent, etc.)
  2. Implementing protocols developed by Eurofins Eichrom and its partners for chemical analyses based on the use of ICP-MS, liquid and gas chromatography, etc.
  3. The capability to handle low quantification limits in order to meet the regulatory requirements 
  4. Delivering your results quickly, or even urgently, depending on the requirements 
  5. Managing the shipping of your samples, on request


Clients served

A host of clients place their trust in Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories for the chemical analysis of environmental samples, some of which are radioactive (VLA/LA), such as:

Are you involved in a project which requires chemical analysis and are you looking for an experienced laboratory that delivers high-quality results? If you are, then get in touch so that we can develop with you a suitable technical proposal and pricing structure. Contact us!