Analyses of asbestos in materials

Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories measure and analyze asbestos in both conventional and radioactive (very low activity/low activity) materials at their facilities based in Bruz (northwestern France). Eurofins Eichrom's protocols involve the use of Transmission Electron Microscopes equipped with energy dispersive x-ray analyzers which can detect the presence of asbestos and characterize the nature of the fibers.


Are you?

  • an operator of a nuclear site
  • involved in identifying asbestos and taking samples
  • involved in asbestos removal

Do you need to?

  • produce asbestos disclosure statements or risk assessments
  • have analyses performed before starting work
  • remove asbestos from facilities
An all-in-one service

Some of the key features of Eurofins Eichrom's comprehensive asbestos analysis and measurement service are:

  1. The capacity to handle large batches of radioactive samples so that you can submit large numbers of samples and start work or sign off your worksites without delay
  2. Eurofins Eichrom's asbestos analysis protocols which utilize Transmission Electron Microscopes equipped with energy dispersive x-ray analyzers
  3. The guarantee of short lead times (5 days maximum) made possible by our workload organization practices which have delivered satisfaction to our customers in the nuclear industry since 2003
  4. Ultra-short lead times of just a few hours if your requirements are urgent
  5. Managing the shipping of your samples, on request, and even when ADR requirements apply (European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road)


Clients served

A host of clients dealing with asbestos issues, in some cases combined with radioactivity concerns, place their trust in Eurofins Eichrom Laboratories, such as: 

  • JL Expertise, which regularly requests asbestos analyses on VLA/LA samples, e.g. from nuclear power stations operated by EDF.
  • Bureau Véritas and its nuclear division which has a contract with us for the analysis of radiolabeled materials from sites operated by the CEA (a French atomic energy organization), and other facilities.
  • D&S, a company which works on the CEA's nuclear facilities at Marcoule in southern France.
  • More references and client endorsements

Are you involved in a project which requires asbestos analysis and are you looking for an experienced laboratory that delivers high-quality results ? If you are, then get in touch so that we can develop with you a suitable technical proposal and pricing structure. Contact us!